Saturn Never Sleeps

Yesterday’s Machine

(Saturn Never Sleeps)

Release date: Aug 2, 2011

Producer/DJ King Britt and science fiction singer/producer Rucyl are Saturn Never Sleeps. Their debut album, Yesterday's Machine, is the result of a curious adventure starting in 2009 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, where Britt and Rucyl were commissioned to create an installation based around Sun Ra. Jumping at the chance, they created two shows of electronic improvisation under the "Saturn Never Sleeps" concept, which has since transformed into a curated monthly event, a label, a duo, and now a full length LP.

Yesterday's Machine combines an experimental create-in-the-moment vibe with inspirational lyrics and vocal sonics that range from Sade tones to Flora Purim's ethereal layers. The result is an intelligent electronic soul rooted in the duo's collective years of experience and musical expanse. From the surreal beginning of "Lotus" to the brain-melting melodies of "Hearts of Fire" and "Tory" the listener is quickly transported off-planet. Tracks like "Grace" and "The Machines are the Stars" propel the journey at full-speed until the album climaxes with "All Seasons are Good" before denouement into the wondrous "Take It Out" closer.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Lotus
  2. 2. Bit by Bit
  3. 3. Hearts on Fire
  4. 4. Tory
  5. 5. Tomorrow is a Rumor
  6. 6. Grace
  7. 7. The Machines are the Stars
  8. 8. Divine
  9. 9. Yesterday Is Gone
  10. 10. DRK
  11. 11. All Seasons Are Good
  12. 12. Take It Out