Yellow Beat


Release date: Feb 14, 2012

Conflict, one of Japan's leading beatmaking duos, releases their new EP Yellow Beat from their own label BEATBAKAYALOW. The first release on their label was the 12-inch version of Yellow Beat EP, and the explosive first song on the EP "Spacesuit" was released as a different version on the highly acclaimed Japanese earthquake relief compilation LA<3JPN<3LA Vol. 2. The tribalistic and dreamy track "Dororo Beats" was featured on a mix by DJ Frosty of dublab, and the EP also features four remixes by rising stars from the Japanese beat scene.

BUN, a producer who is known for his smoked out beats, as well as an aesthetic that transcends the beat scene, took an abstract approach to remixing "Spacesuit." Known for his album Works released from Oilworks, and also gaining attention worldwide through the Cosmopolyphonic Crew, RLP provides a version of "Shimokita" that is heavily influenced by low-bit video game soundtracks. Highly respected in the Japanese beat scene, Himuro Yoshitero remixes "Dororo Beats" giving it an introspective but hard-hitting edge. This EP also features an alternate version of the track "Creation" which was originally produced by Conflict for Japanese indie rapper Tamaki ROY for his album "Break Boy," which was updated with jazzy piano riffs and mind-boggling drum programming.

Conflict's Yellow Beat EP proves that their music is a league above the rest in the oversaturated world of beats.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Spacesuit
  2. 2. Tooon
  3. 3. Shimokita
  4. 4. Dororo Beats
  5. 5. YBSG
  6. 6. Let's Get Down
  7. 7. Dororo Beats
  8. 8. Shimokita
  9. 9. Spacesuit
  10. 10. Creation