Mystik Journeymen

Worldwide Underground

(Legendary Music)

Release date: Jan 30, 2001

The Mystik Journeymen is not just another small group that came together to form Living Legends. With Sunspot Jonz and PSC in the lineup, they came to form the heart and foundation upon which The Living Legends was created off of. Originally release as a cassette, Workwide Underground has been converted into CD then into a digital release so that all may know of the early adventures of The Mystik Journeymen. The release features production from Sunspot Jonz and guest verses from non other than The Living Legends. In addition to the conversion to a higher quality, the release also features more instrumentals and interludes than before.

Creators of Destiny is one of Worldwide Underground's stand-out tracks. Track 4 on this release, it features a stripped down piano sample over a kickin' drum line, not to mention a chopped up sample from Chi-town emcee Common. The lyrical content itself is conscious. Sunspot laments about the class system that we are forced to live in. PSC speaks on the hard road he has had to take to arrive at his situation, while challenging others to up their mic skills.

Sunspot Jonz and PSC launched their assault on the Hip Hop industry with an underground mentality. That train of thought is easily felt on this record, where songs trash the industry and champion the common man's rapper. Originally released shortly after the new millenium, Worldwide Underground was The MYstick Journeymen way of staking a claim in underground Hip Hop's new uncharted territories.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Slang N' Tapes at the Czech Border
  2. 2. The Firefly Rebellion
  3. 3. Next Stop Oakland
  4. 4. Creators of Destiny
  5. 5. Bfap
  6. 6. Nigen Slump (Culture vs Industry)
  7. 7. Spidey Sense
  8. 8. Lost Crusade
  9. 9. Ivan Revenge
  10. 10. 15 Minutes to Yutengi
  11. 11. TGV 2 Paris (Hinda)
  12. 12. Voices
  13. 13. I
  14. 14. Right Now
  15. 15. Midnight Flight to Seoul (Beatdie Delites)
  16. 16. PSC
  17. 17. Worldwide