Without You – EP


Release date: Mar 4, 2013

Without You is the standout single from Lapalux's highly anticipated debut album, Nostalchic. Featuring the brilliant, breathtaking vocals of Kerry Leatham, it's the perfect distillation of one of electronic music's most startling new talents.

If many producers use the electronic staples - glitches, fragments and unfamiliar swing - few know how to use them with such intent as Lapalux. Stuart Howard adopts these devices only to enhance the emotional force of his music, never simply for their own sake.

'Without You,' is a rainy-day, heartbreaking blues made all the more powerful by the slowed-and-sped vocal. Sung straight, it wouldn't have had the sense of shattered, conflicting emotion that it does. This is electronic music at its finest: affecting and haunting in a way no other 'genre' can be.

Added to the package are two bonus tracks. 'Swallowing Smoke' is exclusive to the single, and sees Lapalux explore haunting textures that give way to a yearning, multi-layered melodic romp. Album track 'Guuurl' features a rich, addictive synth-line and further demonstrates the thrilling results of Howard's experimental approach to vocals.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Without You
  2. 2. Without You
  3. 3. Swallowing Smoke
  4. 4. Guuurl