Computer Graphics

We Have To Go


Release date: Jan 15, 2016

Debut album by Computer Graphics - an alias of Alexey Devyanin (Pixelord, Gultskra Artikler). It’s an original 7-tracker, representing what is contemporary 4/4 music from Alexey's point of view. A collection of straight beats mixed with quirky synthetic percussions, vintage layers, and a firm, rusty atmosphere, though still positive and a sort of young.

The whole thing is supplemented with a plenty of remixes from our comrades all over - UK's Moiré, known for his Werk Discs and R&S appears, Opal Tapes' insider and Farbwechsel master S Olbricht along with his friend's A i w A from Budapest, and our Russian in-label mates Yayati and Rad Machine.

We got 3 versions of this release - a vinyl one containing all 7 originals plus two remixes by Moiré and S Olbricht, a 60-min cassette tape with all the tunes presented, and a digital edition of the whole thing with an exclusive "Long Version"of the track "WTF".

The cover was kindly provided by professor Bruce Randall Donald, made by himself in 1981 during the period of his work at the Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis in the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University in early 80s.

Track Listing

  1. 1. If You Wanna Use It
  2. 2. Youth
  3. 3. Possible
  4. 4. Reaction
  5. 5. We Have to Go
  6. 6. Sweet Lo-Fi
  7. 7. WTF
  8. 8. We Have to Go
  9. 9. We Have to Go
  10. 10. We Have to Go
  11. 11. We Have to Go
  12. 12. We Have to Go
  13. 13. We Have to Go