Walter Gross


(Black Box Tapes)

Release date: Mar 3, 2017

"Vestige was born out of a cathartic pain-staking process of stripping away my identity, exiting America, surviving Europe, creating in less than ideal circumstances with the least amount of resources I've ever had, while spending the most amount of time on any record while subsequently losing all the source material in my MPC just a week before completion. In the way my first release "Kind of Blues" was a rite of passage for me personally, so then 12 years later this release is also a multi-dimensional rite of passage on an entirely different level." - Walter Gross

Track Listing

  1. 1. Like a Bird
  2. 2. Prowler
  3. 3. Creep
  4. 4. Naked Lunch
  5. 5. Window
  6. 6. Fixated on the Light
  7. 7. Good Morning
  8. 8. One
  9. 9. Sediment ft Bocca al Lupo7m