Vandalism II – EP

(Magical Properties)

Release date: Oct 20, 2017

Four tracks accelerate into insanity in Johnlukeirl’s new EP Vandalism II (Magical Properties). Chaos is captured and then throttled between carefully selected synths, juicy juke elements, and a heavy dose of delirium. Johnlukeirl’s aggressive, wild-man approach is paired with a keen eye for detail, creating tracks of uncompromising style.

“Follow Your Heart” breaks open wild and free, while “Hurry Up And Live” chases the listener through big drums and hyperactive beats. Catch your breath before “Have Courage,” an energetic undulation of aural squeeze. “Break Da Rulez” does just that, driving home the deliciously fun dance EP that jumps up and bursts into flame – sonic vandalism at its finest.

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