Paris Zax

Unpath’d Waters

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Apr 5, 2005

Unpath'd Waters is the debut instrumental album from acclaimed producer Paris Zax. Best known for his work with Busdriver and Shape Shifters, Paris brings you an amazing collage of hip-hop, jazz, blues and psychedelic rock, direct from the heart of Los Angeles underground hip-hop. Paris pulled some strings and recorded some of the best musicians in L.A. for Unpath'd Waters. Guests run the gamut from jazz legends like Snooky Young and Bob Elford, to Ozomatli guitarist Will Dog. Mixed to perfection by Daddy Kev. Be prepared to hear Paris Zax transcend genre boundaries, weaving a story of beauty and splendor like no one else can.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Opener
  2. 2. Way Ahead
  3. 3. The Blue Eye Ear
  4. 4. High Tide
  5. 5. At Home
  6. 6. Mescaline Flowers
  7. 7. Traumatic Condition
  8. 8. Connective Tissue
  9. 9. Part of the Act
  10. 10. Mellow Mission
  11. 11. Nomasanapa
  12. 12. One Two-One Seven

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