Twilight – EP

(G5 Music)

Release date: Sep 19, 2011

Maguett is one side of Dmitry Drozdov, Moscow-based musical technician with a certain taste for perspectives. Every perspective. The ones in plain sight as much as the secret ones, hidden in the dead angles of one's ear, carefully laid there to give the listener a chance to see. Fed with 90's Warp records, Rephlex IDM and Solid Steel radio shows, his music definitely appeals to something old, almost out of time, cementing IDM foundations with newer bass music elements in a brand new monument called IBM : Intelligent Bass Music. In fact, studying architecture gives Maguett the power to erect dreamy tracks like an antediluvian builder, putting together pieces of thoughts with a meticulous wisdom.

His new EP, entitled Twilight, is the proof of this knowledge. Each track is like a small maquette of a dream, the blueprints of a vision made sound. It has the precision of the architect ('Loud Bell') and the sensitivity of the painter ('Blade') while never crumbling down under the tremors of anguish. Amongst these schematic drawings, one will hear mysterious calls from other-worldish voices ('Heavy Wings' or 'Isaan') pointing the listener/observer in unexpected directions, while it's highly probable that others will enter a meditative state of mind when playing Twilight in their headphones ('Versatile'). Thus, Maguett never bores, makes you climb staircases made of minimal sounds and while hanging on the walls pictures of hazy landscapes, intimate portraits and unutterable conversations ('Hotwell') that make you play the EP again and, again, surprise you.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Heavy Wings
  2. 2. Hotwell
  3. 3. Loud Bell
  4. 4. Isaan
  5. 5. Versatile
  6. 6. Blade