Turbulentia – EP


Release date: Sep 1, 2012

Graciellita is an alias of a young pretty girl producer from Canada. Her name is Graciella and that's a pretty straight-forward situation upon naming, she thinks, but suggests that she'd pay rather more attention to the creative process than naming. And that's right - the music you hear is really authentic. "Creative" is the goal here.

Graciella works it all out by herself, which is pretty curious as well. IDM-ish percs, subtle layers, helium vox and quite complex arrangements - all this comes out of her little pretty head at once. Sometimes dark and twisted, sometimes thrilling and cold, sometimes simply shine, but always interesting and lush. Classic brain-spinning stuff.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Craque on Mad Wheel
  2. 2. Next Summer
  3. 3. Girl Afflicted
  4. 4. Dose of Trouble
  5. 5. Love Is Not to Fear
  6. 6. Run (Closing Chapter)