Release date: Jun 5, 2012

Brainfeeder presents the album Totem by new signee RYAT, a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer of avant-garde electronic music. A serious oeuvre, Totem blends classical elements and cinematic sounds with big beat influences and experimental time changes. Twisting through the gritty, disheveled beats like an elegant ribbon, RYAT's gracefully processed vocals merge with electronic surprises to create a work of intense abstract art.

Trading the urban jungle of Philadelphia for the concrete badlands of Los Angeles, RYAT's transformation was juxtapositioned with a new awareness of her natural surroundings and unexpected visits from animals, whose dream partners give the album its name. Every track of Totem represents a different spirit animal, each with a message translated through RYAT's experimentation with unusual sound signatures.

Lead single "Howl" moves from a thatched start right into a swollen groove, with beats collected into random tide pools, full of unforeseen sounds. "Footless" builds tension into a celestial knock with an off-kilter gallop that flies skyward, while the loose drums of jazz-influenced "Object Mob" generate an unexpected emotion of freedom.

Giving us just a glimpse of her journey through fire-filled vocals and captivating sonic twists, poetess RYAT lays an emotional path into a dream where animals speak in music and the beats have come alive.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Windcurve
  2. 2. Owl
  3. 3. Howl
  4. 4. Seahorse
  5. 5. Hummingbird
  6. 6. Footless
  7. 7. Invisibly Ours
  8. 8. Object Mob
  9. 9. Invisibility Cage
  10. 10. Raiz
  11. 11. Totem