Cadalack Ron & Briefcase

Times Is Hard

(Cadalack Ron Music)

Release date: Jun 26, 2012

Revealing the darker sides of Los Angeles drug-laden culture is familiar territory for Machina Muerte rapper Cadalack Ron in his new LP with Briefcase, Times Is Hard. Los Angeles's favorite scumbag rapper is back with his classic forte of opiate-driven rhymes fused with a polished, stylized psyche-eerie production from his own blood brother Briefcase. Like the decade-long drug infested lifestyle Caddy has endured, the combination of these two conjure up a hip-hop album just as deadly.

The 13-track album is an in-depth debauchery of the plagued addictions and despair that the Los Angeles brethren endure, from drug-ridden streetwalkers to skid row junkies to more directly Cadalack Ron himself. With ominous textures and ornate production provided by Briefcase, Cadalack Ron is at home with his explicit words and blunt raw delivery. "Desert of Death" is laced with slick piano rolls reminiscent of an abandoned clown maze, while Cadalack spits out metaphors that teeter with ruminations of death, cocaine, and what else.. more drugs. "Times Is Hard" is probably the catchiest song off the album, as harmonic ghost-like choir samples infect the ears and Caddy reflects on his past drug catalogue and LA lifestyle. The album deviates between psychedelic mood-swings to avant-garde 70's gritty rock, all while Cadalack stays consistent on his message, that times aren't hard but... they is.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Requiem
  2. 2. Jackknife
  3. 3. Dead Horse
  4. 4. D.O.A.
  5. 5. Desert of Death
  6. 6. War
  7. 7. Shabam
  8. 8. Times Is Hard
  9. 9. Tristessa
  10. 10. Wasted
  11. 11. Posse Cut
  12. 12. Cannibal
  13. 13. Meds. Remix