Acid Reign

Time & Change

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Aug 8, 2006

Hip-hop duo Acid Reign is no secret in their hometown of L.A. Their new album, Time & Change, will likely be the release that gets the rest of the country talking, too. Heavily influenced by their mentors at the Project Blowed open-mic workshop, MCs Gajah and Beond typically keep their flows quick without being bound by one-dimensional subject matter. For these two, pondering the fragility of life and trying to get the crowd moving are all part of the program. And when they team up with veteran Project Blowed folks like Ellay Khule (on the wild-style cut "Acid Hip-Hop"), they prove that they can hang with the best of 'em. With top Angeleno producers Daddy Kev, Fat Jack, Omid, and others laying down the crisp drum patterns and funky loops, the scorching beats are an equal part of this album's appeal.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Too Kool for Skool
  2. 2. You and Me
  3. 3. Heart of the City
  4. 4. Word Em Up
  5. 5. Not Like You
  6. 6. Comfort Zone
  7. 7. Fantasy World
  8. 8. Forbidden Fruit
  9. 9. Still Doing It
  10. 10. Acid Hip-Hop
  11. 11. Come Inside
  12. 12. Here Comes Trouble
  13. 13. Breaking News
  14. 14. The Reigners
  15. 15. Party Tonight
  16. 16. The Day of the Cancer
  17. 17. Never Fold