Three Bird

(Paris Zax Productions)

Release date: Aug 25, 2009

Vocalist Blackbird and producer Paris Zax met on an intergalactic space mission to free the Amazonian aliens of Pluto from their oppressive master. They found that a musical union could be fortuitous, and thus began a new journey into the great sonic wilderness.

Their first work together, the self distributed and promoted Fetterless caught the attention of DJ/ Producer/ Label head Daddy Kev, who released the follow up BIRD'S EYE VIEW on his Alphapup record label.

Three Bird finds BlackBird and Paris Zax back on Alphapup, with an album equal parts hip hop and punk rock. You can purchase individual tracks on itunes for 99 cents, or, purchase the whole album and get the blackbird 'Three Bird' booklet. In addition to lyric sheets, the booklet contains original artwork and illustrations by LA Legend Mearone.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Bravado
  2. 2. Man Whore
  3. 3. Magic Girl
  4. 4. Yokel
  5. 5. Shikka-Shah
  6. 6. Been Waiting
  7. 7. Making of a Masochist
  8. 8. The Chosen
  9. 9. Day Dreaming
  10. 10. Alive
  11. 11. Homecoming
  12. 12. Running Wild

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