This Great Pressure

(Magical Properties)

Release date: Oct 27, 2009

This Great Pressure is the first release on the new Alpha Pup Records imprint Magical Properties. Daedelus strikes gold, as with anything he touches, by commissioning this duo to create the first release for his new brainchild. Jogger, composed of Amir Yaghmai on violin and guitar and Jonathan Larroquette on the laptop and controller, delivers 10 tracks the cross the boundaries of rock, ambient, folk, hip-hop, and electronic.

By combining elements of live and electronic instrumentation, Jogger creates a manic, multi-layer platform for the both of them to sing on. Even their voices create a harmony that adds another layer to their dense melodic loops. This Great Pressure is a marriage of the music of the past and the sounds of the future.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Napping Captain
  2. 2. Gorilla Meat
  3. 3. Biss
  4. 4. Master and Student
  5. 5. In America
  6. 6. Champing at the Bit (Live)
  7. 7. Nephicide
  8. 8. Falling
  9. 9. Just Briefly
  10. 10. Superman (Live)