Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes

The Witch’s Dagger

(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Aug 23, 2005

Veronica Lipgloss and The Evil Eyes owe a lot to the death rock that arose simultaneously in the big scenes of the early '80s. They've got the seasick low end of the Birthday Party, the sax skronk of No Wave New York, and the screeching and reverb of 45 Grave. They avoid the moves that turned goth into a joke: Clumsy drum machine programming; overtreated guitars; dripping mascara; smug kinkiness and blasphemy. In short, they don't moan about death, and they've got a sound that's alive.

Sax riffing is where this band really stands out. The reeds provide a path out of what sinks gothic music so often; the desire to be dance floor friendly while reveling in ugliness. Not many rock bands (to say nothing of dance music) have incorporated sax as fully as this band, "Mars" and "Benny's Nightmare" continue the corpse-on-the-sidewalk mood of the other tracks. They don't use sax to evoke the imaginary lounges of David Lynch. It's right there in the middle of the sound, another grimy tone playing off of Remedes' caterwaul.

For a first album that lurches through a range of nightmare styles, Veronica Lipgloss have a distinct personality. It's trashy, but content to crawl around in the gutter. The dirges plod along with as much momentum as the fast ones. A band that is this comfortable in it's reptile skin hasn't shown up for a while.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Driving Thru the Rain
  2. 2. Mars
  3. 3. Strip Mall Glass
  4. 4. Just for Fun
  5. 5. Flickering Reels
  6. 6. Rats
  7. 7. Like Lead
  8. 8. Unicorn Song
  9. 9. Bleed to the Beat
  10. 10. Benny's Nightmare
  11. 11. Let Me See Your Eyes