The Transponder Orchestra

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Aug 21, 2015

Darkly playful and drenched with evocative sounds, Starkey’s new album The Transponder Orchestra is impossible to pin down.

Every track is an exploration to the far horizon, expansive and erratic, an excursion both broad and deep. From the fresh, harmonizing vocals of Rosemary Fiki in “Hold On to Your Love” to the starry synths of “Evolution,” the multifarious nature of the album creates a captivating experience.

The fantasy dawns with “Dream,” a spacious sonic landscape that bounces as it blurs. “Plasma” starts sparsely and somber, cracking its knuckles before plunging into the shadows.

With razor-sharp edges and guest vocals by Tyler Rosen, “This” stands wide among distortion and drops – while “One Last Kiss” gives the album a moment to breathe. “Divine Planet” touches down and spreads out, held close by the inviting vocals of Vienna Shilling.

Funky and surprisingly elegant, The Transponder Orchestra is a truly original release that showcases the eclectic style and exciting evolution of an incredible producer.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Dream
  2. 2. Proton
  3. 3. Moon Watcher
  4. 4. Hold on to Your Love
  5. 5. It Rained
  6. 6. Evolution
  7. 7. Plasma
  8. 8. This
  9. 9. One Last Kiss
  10. 10. Plains
  11. 11. Divine Planet
  12. 12. We Get Lost Among the Crowds