Build An Ark

The Stars Are Singing Too

(Disques Corde)

Release date: Sep 20, 2011

In celebration of their 10 Year Anniversary, Build An Ark Founder / Producer Carlos Nino has put together a special new release, comprised of over an hour of material taken from live performances, rehearsals, recording sessions, and collaborations, most of which have never been released. Featuring Nate Morgan, Dwight Trible, Phil Ranelin, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Mia Doi Todd, Gaby Hernandez, Dimlite, Paul Livingstone, Turn On The Sunlight, and more, The Stars Are Singing Too stands alongside Build An Ark's previous full-lengths and EPs with the unique distinction of being the only record that spans their whole existence!

The Stars Are Singing Too is a ten year overview that tells a story, not just a compilation of a bunch of bonus tracks or outtakes. This record features a large excerpt of Sun Ra's "Door Of The Cosmos," one of Build An Ark's first recordings, and finest interpretations. It also includes an alternate take and mix of their beautiful instrumental tribute to Van Morrison's "Sweet Thing." (Sub Pop recording artist, and one half of synth-pop super group The Postal Service,) DNTEL turns in an incredibly soothing and vibrant remix of "Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane."

Full ensemble improvisations, solos pieces and flowing medleys all find their way into this sequence that wonderfully represents the depth and scope that this Cosmic Family Band has channeled.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Love (Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Solo Piano)
  2. 2. Medley 1 (Build an Ark Improvisation)
  3. 3. The Yes Song
  4. 4. Peace and LOVE! (Trevor's Mood)
  5. 5. Sweet Thing (Take 2)
  6. 6. Heal the Bay (Paul Livingstone Sitar Solo)
  7. 7. Medley 2 (Love Themes)
  8. 8. Medley 3 (Temple Jam / Turn On The Sunlight Remix)
  9. 9. Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane
  10. 10. Alice's Chord (Yaakov Levy Solo Piano)
  11. 11. Mother (Nate Morgan Solo Rhodes)