Jansport J

The Soul Provider LP

(Delicious Vinyl)

Release date: Feb 18, 2014

Comprehensive work from Jansport J. The Soul Provider LP starts off immediately with J bringing the listener into his world and interpretation of what soul music is today, with the opening track “A King Before The Crown” asserting that the field of music is “all that I really know”. He continues the voyage into soul music by providing the soundtrack for everyday emotions and experiences that the average person can relate to, with songs such as “New Love”, “Sport’s Ode II (To Feel Love)”, and “Life”. This album, similar to J’s previous work, will serve as the backdrop for various lifestyles, from the everyday listener at the coffee shop, to the upcoming emcee in search of instrumentals that will ignite their creativity. The Soul Provider LP is yet another substantial work to add to what many in the music industry and fanbase consider to be an impressive catalogue from the West Coast Producer. Get on board with The Soul Provider himself now…because the legacy has just begun.

Track Listing

  1. 1. A King Before the Crown
  2. 2. Fine
  3. 3. Like to Know
  4. 4. Cocaine Weekend
  5. 5. Shoulders
  6. 6. New Love
  7. 7. Hi(gh)
  8. 8. Sport's Ode II (To Feel Love)
  9. 9. Special Presentation
  10. 10. DewWhatIWannaDew
  11. 11. SlowMo
  12. 12. Natives
  13. 13. Choppers
  14. 14. Life
  15. 15. The Soul Provider
  16. 16. As (Always)