Patrick Sexx

The Shadow That Took Shape

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Mar 11, 2014

San Francisco native Patrick Sexx creates electronic-tinged works that are birthed from the combination of his constant search for experimental sounds along with a never-resting intuitive mind. His debut full length album The Shadow That Took Shape weaves energetic sub frequencies with triumphant synthesis to forge his unique sound. Inspired by numerous cross-genre influences, he builds upon both melody and rhythms that create a constant pulse across various patterns that take shape across the album. Patrick's spirited synths create a blissful energy coupled with heavy 808 vibrations that find comfortable surroundings among his peers on Alpha Pup Records. 

After years of a childhood that saw his musical language speak mainly classical, Patrick understood that music was his true calling. Flash forward to many years down the road, while on tour in Europe he first heard production based music from the likes of Aphex Twin and Digable Planets, both of which shattered any kind of creative limitation that may have been holding him back. From there, the shadow of Patrick's new creative dialect begin to take shape, and morphing into something sonically malleable that he continues to sculpt with each passing day. 

The Shadow That Took Shape was recorded over the course of a year in the backwoods of Northern California, allowing Patrick to truly feel off the grid while literally removing himself from the boisterous surroundings of many of his counterparts and label mates. Quite literally, most of the music on The Shadow That Took Shape was captured in a Northern California cabin accessible only by a dirt road. For someone so inspired by the blips of Richard D James and the low end of Doodlebug, it's surprising to hear Patrick's deft touch at incorporating elements that are both musically and thematically organic throughout. Whether it's the old world sounds hear on "Tao," or the close to home inspiration of the album opener "My Father and I," the album was truly inspired by the secluded surroundings Patrick sought out during the creative process. 

As a footnote, it's worth noting that this album may signal the debut of Patrick Sexx, but as his persona begins to take form with the upcoming album release, Patrick Sexx has been producing solo material under the name Dnae Beats for some time, as well as for labels like the seminal Quaanum Projects, as well as M.F. Grimm’s Manhattan-based label Day By Day Entertainment. The Shadow That Took Shape is Patrick bridging all that came before him, hoping to forge and unfold soundscape after soundscape.

Track Listing

  1. 1. The Shadow That Took Shape
  2. 2. My Father & I
  3. 3. Tao
  4. 4. Vape Villian
  5. 5. Placebo Pinch
  6. 6. Axis
  7. 7. Code Red
  8. 8. Infinity Interrupted
  9. 9. The Outer Void
  10. 10. Of Myth
  11. 11. Om Shanti

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