The Record

(Spaceheater / Alpha Pup)

Release date: Aug 15, 2006

Spaceheater combines the prolific melodies of musician Evan Francis with the noisy machine funk of producer Bill Mitsakos. Created in San Francisco during 2005, The Record presents flutes, saxophones, and clarinets over a bed of thumping beats and percussion. Eleven sweltering tracks form a lush sonic adventure for your mind and booty. The Record reached number 20 in iTunes top 100 best selling electronic albums shortly after coming out in august 2006. Since then it has been appearing in playlists and top ten charts of independent radio stations all over the US, Canada, New Zealand and in Europe.

Track Listing

  1. 1. No Freeway
  2. 2. Sighting
  3. 3. Can't Stop
  4. 4. Ghostplant
  5. 5. Freakfest
  6. 6. Fool
  7. 7. Thester
  8. 8. Bee Dao
  9. 9. Cyprian Tag
  10. 10. King Kobra
  11. 11. Nendeh