The Quiet Party

(Magical Properties)

Release date: Jan 28, 2003

Daedalus has recruited some of his pals for this excellent remix / new work package for the Plug Research imprint. Featuring Yesterdays New Quintet, Madlib, APC's High Priest, Abstract Rude and Busdriver, it's a veritable whos who of beat manglers and jazz heads, fitting in perfectly with the Daedelus aesthetic of anything goes as long as it cuts with a beat! Yesterdays New Quintet roll off yet another bubblin' jazz slide, all midnight piano chops and pitch bent moogs, delightful skittering percussion to boot. Madlib's "Bonus Beats" slinks itself with a heads-down attitude, all sexed up with red lights and the self-restraint necessary to end a track before it outstays its welcome. Ace. Antipop's High Priest makes a rare appearance, his deep, serrated voice imbuing "Muggle Born" with a slightly menacing drawl that typified so much of APC's finest moments, a hip hop grind with an almost jiggy edge to keep the kids smilin' before the awesome new track "Girls" drops in with Abstract Rude and Busdriver harking back to an almost daisy-age, feel-good, flute-driven hip hop vibe that will not fail to lift the spirits.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Playing Parties
  2. 2. Madlib Bonus Beats
  3. 3. Muggle Born
  4. 4. Girls
  5. 5. Girls (Nstrmntl)
  6. 6. Quiet Now
  7. 7. A Touch of Spring