Free The Robots

The Mind’s Eye – EP

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Aug 16, 2011

Free the Robots unleashes The Mind's Eye EP on Alpha Pup Records, a hackled and hypnotic affair with five disturbing tracks, orchestrated by an obvious madman.

Mutating messages and subliminal sonics fill The Mind's Eye EP, which opens with the knuckle-crushing knock of "The Free." Title track "The Mind's Eye" encourages eyelids to close as it sinks even deeper into the darkened groove of "Prototype B." The voices inside your head take a demented romp through a carnival's carcass in "Dance of the Deadbeat" and end up in the recesses of "Rattlesnake" where all the dirty pieces have finally shaken loose.

Track Listing

  1. 1. The Free
  2. 2. The Mind's Eye
  3. 3. Prototype B
  4. 4. Dance of the Deadbeat
  5. 5. Rattlesnake

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