Greater California

The Little Pacific

(Subtitled Audio)

Release date: Apr 23, 2002

The songs the asphalt sings to you as you fly across it from city to city, with that odd familiarity you might feel in different places, seeing them for the first time. It's that crazy midnight loneliness falling upon you the further you drive on. You now have all the freedom in the world to disappear into the background and watch your front windshield like a picture show as you speed across the music conceived and inspired by the obsessive west coast American roadtrip.

You will hear intermingling guitar tones with the chime of a 12-string; vaguely prosed lyrics and vocal harmonies like sketches; a drumming style so conscious of the songs that it almost acts as another melody line; percussions like sleigh bells, maracas and bongos; a trumpet; and all the while, the ever-present beautifully haunting sounds of the wurlitzer electric piano and hammond organ.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Dwelling Good
  2. 2. Waiting
  3. 3. Camera Smiles
  4. 4. She Glows
  5. 5. Driving the 1
  6. 6. Everything's Starting to Happen
  7. 7. Midnight #5
  8. 8. The Little Pacific

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