Jimetta Rose

The Light Bearer

(Temporary Whatever)

Release date: Aug 19, 2016

Beginning her journey of maturation at the heart of the Los Angeles music tradition, Jimetta Rose tackles a need for clarity through love in her mini-LP The Light Bearer. Produced entirely by kindred spirit and musical titan Georgia Anne Muldrow, the whole record is a master class in the hiphop/soul backed jazz that their city is credited with perfecting. 

Recorded, written and produced over a two week period, the record chronicles a bond between the two under-sung innovators expressed in a raw urgency characteristic of their most introspective work present in The Light Bearer. The narrative picks up in the beginning of Jimetta Rose’s personal journey out of the nest and into the open where loving is risky and growth is demanded of you. By the end you have a confident Jimetta, cracking the shell, expanding her horizons, being welcomed to the world. 

The Light Bearer is a coming-of-age tale funneled through the imagination of a jazz romantic whose reality is rooted in the beat heavy soul filling the living rooms of South Central Los Angeles. In a music landscape dominated by male voices, this record promises to be one of the only testaments of truth from the two queens of LA’sallure. 

Through years of singing in the underground jazz, hip-hop and soul circles of Los Angeles, Jimetta has collaborated with LA illuminates like Anderson .Paak, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Blu, Shafiq Husayn, HouseShoes, Bilal, SaRa Creative Partners, Carlos Nino and many more. She is a fixture in these circles and regarded as one of the strongest sources of Los Angeles’ unique sound. 

Track Listing

  1. 1. Rhythm of Life
  2. 2. Skyscrapers
  3. 3. Master in Disguise
  4. 4. Stargazing
  5. 5. Catch a Vibe
  6. 6. Surrounded by Company
  7. 7. Everything Is Watching (Interlude)
  8. 8. Emerald City
  9. 9. Welcome to the World

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