Self Jupiter

The Lemongrass Song

(The Order Label)

Release date: Nov 24, 2017

With a recent feature on the critically acclaimed sophomore album from Milo and collaborative LPs with Kenny Segal under the Kleenrz moniker, Self Jupiter continues to push the culture of hip hop forward. "The Lemongrass Song" pulls from his vast body of work with Freestyle Fellowship and beyond, creating power through sound that's infectious, intelligent, and eclectic. With assistance from DJ Nobody behind the boards, Self Jupiter recorded his vocals for “The Lemongrass Song” at the Cosmic Zoo, using a vintage U47 mic.

One of the most unique elements of the "The Lemongrass Song" is the vibrant display of African rhythms and melodies. This base allows Jupiter to spin a web of advanced lyricism and jubilant cadences. His verbal phrasing shimmers off the music with a sense of enlightenment the world needs right now. As a longtime collaborator to Self Jupiter, Peter "Hellacello" Jacobson was behind the production and instrumentation, blending together different continents and eras. Brazilian actress and singer Thalma de Freitas was also recruited, adding her presence to the chorus and background sections. The intentions and desired effects of "The Lemongrass Song" are one of happiness, unity, and drive. "I want to make songs that move you." Self Jupiter adds. "I think this song puts people of all ages and ethnicities in a good place. That motivates me to make more and more."

With lyrical acrobatics and a message of peace through song, Self Jupiter takes "The Lemongrass Song" back to the days of the Freestyle Fellowship and the music that put experimental hip hop on the map. The voice of oneness shines through and as Self Jupiter reflects, "It's a feel good dance song and rejoices in the fact that we're all God's children. Remembering that we’re all spirits built for only one purpose. To unify. There's strength in that idea."

As one of the founding members of legendary Los Angeles hip hop group Freestyle Fellowship, Self Jupiter has had a hand in one of the most important movements of hip hop history. "The Lemongrass Song" carries this torch into the future.