Year Future

The Hidden Hand

(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Aug 31, 2000

This is the second EP from LA's art punks, Year Future. Both EPs are out on the singer's own label, GSL. Which if you aren't already hip to, puts out some of the best independent releases around. Sonny (the singer) was also in a few bands before this one that you might have heard of called Angel Hair and The VSS (so was this website's own David Clifford). Think Joy Division and Dead Kennedy's at the same time, plus the guitar player kills it with all those weird cool noises he makes. These guys are one of the most interesting "punk bands" around these day.

The Hidden Hand includes 3 new tracks: "Nature Unveiled" (a commentary on prescription-drug dependency and the relative economics, not to mention a blatant CURRENT 93 reference poking fun at the bands so-called "Goth" tendencies); "Police Yourself" (navigating middle-America's preoccupation with itself and its status-quo ignorance of the rest of the world); and the title track, a scathing summary of postmodern reality in an age when capitalism and media are replacing humanity and intellect at an accelerating pace.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Nature Unveiled
  2. 2. Police Yourself
  3. 3. The Hidden Hand

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