The Death of Andrew – EP

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Oct 25, 2011

Los Angeles beatmaker and Low End Theory favorite Jonwayne returns with The Death of Andrew, a compact release that underscores the young producer's undeniable ear for crafting catchy melodies into multiple layers of sound and emotion.

Sharp drops, deep kicks and heavy synths are found throughout The Death of Andrew, whose six tracks display a diverse sampling of Jonwayne's talent. Lead single "King" plunges far into the fathoms with a foreboding rhythm, illuminated by a lighthearted melody and chopped-in vocals. Soft piano work introduces "Andrew's Dead," a hypnotic track that twists upwards with a hard edge, while the jam "Pillars of Sand" delivers a paranoid feeling of funk.

From the languid dreamstate of "Eulogy" to the 8-bit dance of "Escape," The Death of Andrew is comprised of appealing tunes that feature Jonwayne's keen ability to manipulate memorable hooks and growing finesse with the beat.

Track Listing

  1. 1. King
  2. 2. Andrew's Dead
  3. 3. Eulogy
  4. 4. Pillars of Sand
  5. 5. Escape
  6. 6. Immobile