The Days End

The Days End

(One Cell Records)

Release date: Nov 8, 2005

In an era when musical climates change at the drop of a hat, The Days End is a type of anachronism. Their music hails back to a time in the not too distant past, before "emo" became a fashion statement, and electro-clash turned the indie scene into a perverse dance party. The Days End rejects this "de-evolution," and steps back a bit, relying on fundamental elements to experiment liberally. They use their two guitars, and their one-man rhythm section to full capacity, exploring the sonic array that a punk aesthetic, jazz sensibility and the lack of a bass guitar make possible. The sound that results pays homage to fin de siecle bands like Shellac and June of '44 by upholding the relentlessly driven layered post-hardcore which they pioneered, and bringing it into a new millennium.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Not Fast Enough
  2. 2. U.O.A.
  3. 3. Broken Mouth
  4. 4. Not Sence
  5. 5. Heart Attack
  6. 6. Drown
  7. 7. Mute
  8. 8. Gold Makes Everything Good