Mr. Oizo

The Church


Release date: Nov 18, 2014

Legendary French producer and Los Angeles resident Mr. Oizo presents The Church, a lavish foray into unexpected sonic dimensions. Limber and chaotic, The Church swerves from gasping intensity to minimal rapture. It is a loose cannon, a bold experiment that provokes outbursts of energy and dance.

“Bear Biscuit” crashes through the skull, a forceful debut of Oizo’s audio weaponry. Delusional undulations inhabit “Ham”, while “Mass Doom” flips from an industrial beginning into an elastic sonic swim. “Machyne” is wickedly alluring, a synthetic tightrope crossing the wild high of technology.

“Torero” drops into a thunderstorm, dabbling in the eye of an electrical tornado with a breakdown of flashing lights, shredded walls and colored confetti: pure swirling madness. Built with broken windows on a cavernous bassline, title track “The Church” closes the album with a luscious, geometric melody.

Unpredictable and assertive, leaden yet light - Mr. Oizo’s unique style and aerobic beats offer listeners an exhilarating aural excursion.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Bear Biscuit
  2. 2. Ham
  3. 3. Destop
  4. 4. Dry Run
  5. 5. Mass Doom
  6. 6. Machyne
  7. 7. iSoap
  8. 8. Torero
  9. 9. Memorex
  10. 10. The Church