The Art Of Allowing

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Jul 24, 2015

Every artist has the opportunity to reach deep within themselves. To discover and deliver a depth that inspires all that engage with their creations to reconsider how they perceive reality. Shiva has taken on this quest to joust with her inner sacred. As a result, she lends us a spacious reflection of her romance with The Art of Allowing.

Shiva’s celestial release is an engaging blend of moaning skies, electro soul and intuitive design. Comforting yet never lost in the dream. Both vulnerable and vibrant – “Reception” is a track that is lit from within by the smiling pulse of a meditative mind. An ambient breeze washes over “Affection,” the growl of a seashell to your ear surrenders only to the sublime low end.

“By the Sea” breathes deeply with fresh energy and the bright emotions of sunrise. The album ends in a state of deep relaxation, with a ten-minute meditation built upon isochronic theta waves easing the listener into the abode of hypo consciousness.

With the decadent beauty of a starry sky echoing on the ocean, The Art of Allowing is aimed at inspiring acceptance and trust in yourself. It is an invitation to let go.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Fly with Me
  2. 2. Sunyata
  3. 3. Reception
  4. 4. A Beautiful Place
  5. 5. Ocean's Lullaby
  6. 6. Affection
  7. 7. By the Sea
  8. 8. The Art of Allowing (Theta Wave Meditation)

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