That’s My Jam! – EP

(Proximal Records)

Release date: Aug 16, 2011

Los Angeles native Benedek releases his debut EP That's My Jam! on Proximal Records. The lead single is a party anthem and features the smooth vocal stylings of friend and collaborator DaM-FunK. That's My Jam! will get your feet on the dance floor and your hands in the air, if not for the undeniable groove than because DaM-FunK said so. Benedek's first official solo release is prepped and ready to blow up - get ready for a new voice in modern boogie-funk.

For the digital version of That's My Jam!, Benedek recruited labelmates BearClaw, Lawrence Grey, Sahy Uhns and Wake and fellow 8-bit fanboy Knife City to craft remixes that greatly expand the sonic reach of the single. BearClaw's contribution is the perfect soundtrack to your summer backyard barbecue. Lawrence Grey's mix is a nod to the dance floor with its driving disco house beat. Wake flips the beat with a hip-hop version and Sahy Uhns takes it to the dirty south with his chopped and screwed remix before blasting back off into space. If the original That's My Jam! brings to mind a sunny SoCal day, Benedek's "Midnight Cruiser Mix" takes you on a starry night drive down the PCH in a black Ferrari.

Track Listing

  1. 1. That's My Jam!
  2. 2. That's My Jam!
  3. 3. That's My Jam! (Benedek's Midnight Cruiser Mix)
  4. 4. That's My Jam! (Lawrence Grey's Hot Leather Mix)
  5. 5. That's My Jam! (Wake's Spearmint Jelly Mix)
  6. 6. That's My Jam! (Sahy Uhns' Low Mix)
  7. 7. That's My Jam! (BearClaw's Detroit Plane Mix)
  8. 8. That's My Jam! (Knife City Cover)

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