Various Artists

TeamSupreme: Collection 1

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Jan 29, 2013

Very few albums begin as a game, but that is exactly the case with TeamSupreme: Collection 1, a compilation from 19 different artists whose playful genesis is evident in every track. An upstart group of friends put forth by the fertile beat fields of Los Angeles, TeamSupreme delivers a fun and diverse glimpse into the collective creative mind through a commitment to artistic practice and self-challenge. With manifold sounds for music fans, TeamSupreme: Collection 1 swings from upbeat dance tracks and trap-influenced digs to rich experimental tracks, dirty street sounds and lush electronic productions.

Forty weeks ago on a balmy So Cal evening, Alpha Pup artists Preston Walker (of Virtual Boy) and Great Dane (newly signed) challenged each other to a game: produce a one-minute beat in one hour, using a set BPM and sample from the Notorious B.I.G. Sixty minutes later two new tracks were created, and TeamSupreme was born.

Combining playtime and practice, the idea of TeamSupreme soon spread across the flat, freeway-laden land of LA, with producers clamoring to get in on the action and be a part of the exciting beat experiment. Uniting artists from not only LA but also New York, Colorado and Hawaii, TeamSupreme evolved organically into a weekly beat challenge. Every Monday one of the participating artists picks a BPM and two samples, one transition sound and one remix. With the original time constraints relaxed, the producers must then create a one-minute track in one week, the results of which are merged into a weekly podcast and played out in a monthly event.

Reflecting the rich D-I-Y spirit of the modern music industry, TeamSupreme's official release on Alpha Pup Records offers an immediate sense of the swirling creative spirit currently on the loose in the electronic music community. Extending the one-minute track duration limit for the public release, TeamSupreme brings vital new sounds for a swift start to 2013.

Contributors to TeamSupreme: Collection 1 include Alpha Pup artists Elos, Dot, DJ Nobody, Great Dane, King Henry and Preston James (aka Virtual Boy), along with Djemba Djemba, Mr Carmack, Kenny Segal, Penthouse Penthouse, Jonathan Stein, Tk Kayembe, Snorlax, Papi, Kendo, Kloud, Fuzz, Colta and Nalepa.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Clean Under Dirt
  2. 2. Yah Pop
  3. 3. Guantanamo Bay
  4. 4. LINGUS
  5. 5. Busy Busy Busy
  6. 6. Teddy Rooster
  7. 7. In the Penthouse
  8. 8. Wetnap
  9. 9. Wasted
  10. 10. SKRIPPAZ
  11. 11. Fully Torqued
  12. 12. Bottle Service
  13. 13. High Gene
  14. 14. All Nite
  15. 15. No Preservatives
  16. 16. Palawan Beach
  17. 17. What's up with Tomorrow
  18. 18. Showing
  19. 19. Uh Oh Hey Um