Virtual Boy

Symphony No. None B-Sides – EP

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Aug 9, 2011

Virtual Boy ventures deeper into the unknown with Symphony No. None B-Sides, a dark and dreamlike collection of two new tracks plus two guest remixes from Symphony No. None.

Symphony No. None B-Sides launches with two reworks of Virtual Boy's standout tune "Mass" by a pair of young UK producers. Turning the track into a tender and tech-laden affair, Naive Machine finds a place for drunken alien marionettes to play out their galactic escapades. Alpha Pup artist Young Montana? makes "Mass" into an elastic landscape of mind-massaging synths, a knocking, whirring netherworld where bizarre sonic creatures run free.

Virtual Boy presents the ominous "Doom," which stomps its way through evil castle planets to battle with blades of wobble and organ echoes. Buzzing with darkness, "Heatwave" marches intensely towards a metallic horizon, ultimately finding sweet oblivion on the far side of a dream.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Mass
  2. 2. Mass
  3. 3. Doom
  4. 4. Heatwave

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