Gaby Hernandez

Sweet Starry Night

(Disques Corde)

Release date: Sep 20, 2011

Born, raised and based in Los Angeles, California, singer, songwriter, musician Gaby Hernandez has been collaborating with some of her cities brightest for the over 10 years. Hernandez was a founding member of Creative Soul Music Ensemble Build An Ark, and has been recording and performing with them since 2001. Influenced by everything from opera to pop, folkloric to experimental, Hernandez can be categorized somewhere between two of her biggest influences, Sade and Karen Carpenter. Her sound is all her own though, she fuses many influences into one unique style. Speaking of influences, get Hernandez started on music that inspires her and she's like a waterfall of Love, overflowing with key songs she treasures by artists as vast as Leontyne Price, Minnie Riperton, Gal Costa, and Violetta Para.

Gaby Hernandez returns with her strongest, most fully developed and inspired body of work Sweet Starry Night, produced by The Life Force Trio. From here, it's likely that Hernandez will step out and become a name, sound and vision that people know well and enjoy truly.

Track Listing

  1. 1. No One but You-Intro / Maze
  2. 2. There You Stood
  3. 3. Amor Mi Sol
  4. 4. Nature Making Love
  5. 5. Mangoes and Pears
  6. 6. Luna Luna
  7. 7. Healing Vibrations
  8. 8. Honey Bee
  9. 9. Twin Flame
  10. 10. Sweet Starry Night
  11. 11. Alla_ / No One but You-Outro