Ghoul Abdul

Surface Breaks

(Colossal Tapes)

Release date: Dec 3, 2013

Samples clash and abstract rhythms interweave in and out of control in the sophomoric release of beat mutilator Ghoul Abdul's tape, 'Surface Breaks'. Take a 20 minute excursion to the valley of Hip-Hop psychedelia, where thwacked soul anthems meet the hiss of the everglades and the Peruvian amazon lifts it's branches to catch the shattered shards of altered vocal melodies.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Mute Streams
  2. 2. Passport
  3. 3. Gomi
  4. 4. Eaton
  5. 5. Botches
  7. 7. Spots
  8. 8. Brocatto
  9. 9. Toes

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