Montgomery Clunk

Superbus – EP

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Release date: Nov 15, 2010

Musically speaking, Superbus is quite a versatile thing. There is a mesmerizing darkness to all of Monty's tracks, still he has a knack for melodies and is afraid of catchiness not a bit. Without a doubt we are facing nighttime music here. Describing his beats as a mixture from hip hop, dubstep and electronica might not sound exciting but once you experienced the magic craftsmanship of Montgomery Clunk you will not have a hard time to believe this album is indeed something special.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Asspirations
  2. 2. Murder!
  3. 3. Entourage
  4. 4. Heat
  5. 5. Sink the Clunkmobile
  6. 6. Work Your Pitch
  7. 7. Lemonade

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