Bentley & Parallel Thought

Street Knowledge

(Parallel Thought LTD.)

Release date: Mar 4, 2016

Walking the fine line between knowing what’s right and what’s necessary is where “Street Knowledge” lives. As a true adapter to any situation, Bentley becomes a man of many hats; articulate enough to maneuver the white collars’ administration while simultaneously staying rooted to the streets where his credibility has never been in question. Street Knowledge dissolves the barriers between street smarts and education in attempts to reexamine the meaning of "gangster". 

What Bentley describes as "the highs and lows of the naked truth" is his embodiment of the Gangster Rap genre and its raw emotion drawing from the likes of Scarface to Kool G Rap. This album is the synopsis of current events written in the cryptic language of the streets. On Street Knowledge Bentley teamed up with Parallel Thought who continue their tradition of producing full albums on this follow up of their last album "Southern Meridian (Adult Swim) with fellow Florence resident Gene the Southern Child who makes an appearance on "Hardcore". Other guests include Alabama's G-Mane, Zilla & S.L.A.S.H.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Everybody's a Gangsta
  2. 2. Street Knowledge
  3. 3. Trap House
  4. 4. Hardcore
  5. 5. Cop Killa
  6. 6. Breathe
  7. 7. Bad Guys
  8. 8. The Hard Way
  9. 9. Get Wet
  10. 10. All Around the World
  11. 11. Junebug Phone Call (Skit)
  12. 12. G.O.D.
  13. 13. In the Dust
  14. 14. Burn It Down
  15. 15. Get High Get By