Dawn Richard

Stopwatch – Single


Release date: Oct 27, 2017

DAWN Richard doesn’t waste any time. Her critically acclaimed ascension from the shifting sands of the music industry into its top echelon has been fueled by her fearless creativity and rock-solid voice. The imaginative, genre-defying artist will release the effervescent single “Stopwatch” via IAMSIAM on October 27. Machinedrum’s IAMSIAM is now activating the third single in the label’s run of releases, following up on tracks by Rochelle Jordan and Angelica Bess. “Stopwatch” is a club-loving triumph that fuses DAWN’s spellbinding vocals with Machinedrum’s obsidian-sharp synths. Radiating heat and confidence, “Stopwatch” is the next step in DAWN’s magnetic career.

Since her arrival in the spotlight, DAWN has transformed herself into a powerhouse entertainer that flouts the boundaries between music, dance, and style. She has been hailed as “R&B’s coolest outcast” (Billboard), an “all-around visionary” (Boston Globe), and “simply beyond pop music” (NPR). After creating an expansive artistic mythology with her trilogy of albums (GoldenHeart, BlackHeart, and Redemption), DAWN pushes further into the beyond with her new single, “Stopwatch.”

This boundless approach infuses the track with light and energy. Unapologetic and evocative, “Stopwatch” pulls you into DAWN’s expansive world – a space where feelings are laid bare and heads are held high.