Stairs – EP

(The Order Label)

Release date: Jul 15, 2016

G4SHi’s latest offering, a 7-track EP entitled Stairs, is a sophisticated reintroduction to the extraordinary artist he continuously is evolving into.

With each track harnessing innovative sounds that differ from the hip-hop leaning material he’s previously released, Stairs encompasses G4SHi’s distinctive rhyme-singing over multidimensional, tactful production. The project showcases the electrifying and emotional foundation G4SHi’s curious world is built from, all while covering impressive new ground with each song and remaining true to who he is as a musician with vision.

When G4SHi attests, “Everything you need to know about me, you can learn from my music,” he truly means it. From the project’s first track, “Avni,” all the way through to its closer, “Dubai” G4SHi familiarizes listeners to several different layers of his complex individuality, as woven together through passionate, autobiographical lyrics.

On Stairs, G4SHi successfully balances the allure of mystery with a refreshing honesty; with his strengths lying in his ability to curate the direction he envisions his art moving forward, as others inevitably try to catch up to him.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Avni/Goodlife
  2. 2. Switch Up
  3. 3. Day Ones
  4. 4. Jean Claude Van Damme
  5. 5. Soho House
  6. 6. Personal
  7. 7. Dubai