Space Castles, Love Songs


Release date: Jan 8, 2013

Nienvox is an alias of Alexander Efimov, Russian composer, musician and multi-instrumentalist. Nienvox may be already known to you for his collaboration with Moscow-based beatmaker 813 called "The Rare Plants Garden" and some other features.

This time Alexander presents his solo work - a long-player named Space Castles, Love Songs, which could be described as a solid fusion of spy funk, flowing bossa, psychedelic folk and different classic quotes from 60s and 70s with modern motivational electronica, loungy beats and soft IDM. Quite a complex mixture. If talking about feeling and touch here it's something about lyricism, romantic psychedelia, post-things and nostalgic treasure of past decades. Cities, ghosts, nature and the cosmos of course. Considering production it's quite interesting too - all sounds pretty lo-fi, tape-saturated and this "old". And it works best here gaining the feeling of the whole thing. Vintage synths, tape-echoes and glitchy reverbs, a plenty of natural noise and tube finishing. And of course guitars, those 70s style harmonies and timbres, semi-loops and solos played by Alexander himself. Ecstatic, cozy and wet - that's the conclusion.

You can also find some cool features on this record: "Mushroom Rain" featuring StUpor aka Eugene Simonenko (How2Make) and "Colorful Objects" with Moscow-based boogie maniac and Fuselab's signed artist Phil Gerus. Some tracks also contain gentle sax phrases played by Vadik Chikurov.

From the artist:

"According to the ancient scriptures - "Redemption is in the sound." I fully agree with this point of view, intuitively as a child and intellectually this time since slightly later times. For me music is definitely at the top hierarchy of arts for the sole reason that goes beyond language and stereotypical thinking. Sound - pick the deepest human experiences that can transmit feelings of extreme ecstasy and refinement. The role of a "musician" I can see is to make the most prepared consciousness and set his mind to the perception of the joy of life. I think a big success to bring at least a faint glimpse of it in what I'm doing."

Track Listing

  1. 1. Jumping Star
  2. 2. Mushroom Rain (ft. StUpor)
  3. 3. Takeru
  4. 4. Hairs
  5. 5. Cosmic Tobacco
  6. 6. Emeralds
  7. 7. Sight
  8. 8. Space Love Kaleidoscope
  9. 9. Colorful Objects (ft. Phil Gerus)
  10. 10. The End