The Mo-Odds

Soto – EP

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Release date: Mar 5, 2013

The Mo-Odds are one of the sweatiest, nakedest, rawest, and funnest rock n' roll acts in Los Angeles County. The band christened their signature sound in their first demo Los Angeles Rock and Roll, a no-nonsense garage release with roots in the punk and soul that has been worrying parents and shaking hips for six decades.

The LA Weekly describes The Mo-Odds as, "equal parts fuzz and soul, drunkenly crash-landing somewhere between the high-energy Detroit rock of the Bell-Rays and the high-personality Detroit R&B of the Gories." Owl Mag describes the Mo-Odds as "chaotic, dirty, dangerous, nasty, and alive." Mainstays of the Silverlake Jubilee Festival, their over-the-top shows earned them a reputation.

The Mo-Odds' Soto was Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Eric Palmquist (Aloe Blacc, Wavves, and No Age), and Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Studios in Los Angeles. Together they have crafted a 4 song EP that has housebroken the signature frantic energy of the band with a tight studio sound based around big vocals and sharp woodwinds.

When people say 'they're good live, I just wish they had a recording that sounded like it', pretty sure this is what they mean. From the immediately catchy riffs of "It's My Heart" to the infectious rhythms of "Lights Go Out" to the confrontational lyrics and unrestrained vocal delivery of "Smoke & Fog"; with equal measure energy and fidelity, this is The new Mo-Odds, Soto.

Recommended if you like: The Wailers (Tacoma), The Pretty Things, Iggy Pop/The Stooges, The Make-Up, The Hives, King Kahn, The Black Keys, Black Lips, Ty Segall, Lady Dottie and The Diamonds, Personal and The Pizzas, and saxophones.

Track Listing

  1. 1. It's My Heart
  2. 2. Lights Go Out
  3. 3. Pill Pocket
  4. 4. Smoke and Fog