(Nonsense Records)

Release date: Feb 1, 2005

A long anticipated solo project in our face, inspiring us to love and embrace our sisters and brothers has finally blessed us. Get ready world, love is back and this time there are no conditions. I just can't get over Message to Sender. This is by far my favorite. Justinthecurrent handled most of the production with some guest productions by the infamous X:144, Swamburger, Kevin Stever, and DiViNCi. Check out Influence, obviously combatting the so-called diva world. Well, say hello to Goddess. There are many beautiful soundscapes created on this album. Check out Angels-Man is Controlled. Alexandra(h), brings back to you the feeling of the true vocalist, which puts her in categories with Ella and Billie. I leave you with Saving Me.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Fire
  2. 2. Somatose
  3. 3. Message to Send(h)er
  4. 4. Bare Aire
  5. 5. Saving Me
  6. 6. Synco-Patience
  7. 7. Influence
  8. 8. Enough
  9. 9. Break
  10. 10. Angels-Man Is Controlled
  11. 11. Worth It
  12. 12. Synchronized Swimming
  13. 13. Mountain Aire
  14. 14. Wisdom