Simon & G-Funk

(Error Broadcast)

Release date: Jun 6, 2011

Victoria's Chris Longshanks is a DJ that knows the dance floor by heart. Not only dedicated to spin other people's tunes, however, Longshanks recently unleashed his production moniker Monolithium, which fuses the best from electro, skweee, dubstep and funk, delivering an original angle on bass music.

Error Broadcast instantly fell in love with Monolithium's debut EP Simon & G-Funk for its neck-snapping potential and heavy dose of funk, combined with an in-yer-face hip hop attitude. At the same time the EP sounds hot and humid, entirely synthetic, and slightly suspicious. Ango (LuckyMe) and Prison Garde (ex-SixToo) appear on Simon & G-Funk as remixers, adding their unique portion of sexiness.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Selfish Lil' Crunk
  2. 2. Simon & G-Funk
  3. 3. Heat Pump
  4. 4. Swag Equity
  5. 5. Simon & G-Funk
  6. 6. Simon & G-Funk

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