The Starlite Desperation

Show You What A Baby Won’t

(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Apr 15, 1998

Much of their most exciting work, taking the form of four-track seance writings and alien abduction reports, has lay scattered and unheard of for years until the release of this unprecedented release. These gloriously primitive yet completely accessible recordings capture songwriting and performance at its most vital and exciting point; that point before certainty. That point that terrifies the bean counting clone peddlers, but always seduces the hearts of the truly-living.

Track Listing

  1. 1. New Year's Bathroom Magic
  2. 2. Sweety
  3. 3. Bury My Body
  4. 4. Messed Up Head
  5. 5. Barely Tongue
  6. 6. Thank God For Stuff
  7. 7. Miss Astro Carriage
  8. 8. Citizen
  9. 9. The Rose
  10. 10. YPS Cry
  11. 11. The Leaving Gene