(Brain Vein Music)

Release date: May 29, 2012

On SHOCKRA! Awol One's latest effort, the listener is immersed in a world of dark, menacing sounds, with Awol's characteristic soul-rattling boom bap beats structuring the sonic world. SHOCKRA! is a journey through the mind of a mad genius, with droning tones and wisps of human voices floating amongst a bed of diverse, arresting percussion sounds. The soundscape morphs from tones of pure evil to lighter psychedelic explorations, and simplicity is mixed with subtle grit and edge to create a collection of songs that sucks the listener into a left-field hip hop journey.

Track Listing

  1. 1. We Have Lift Off
  2. 2. Cathedral Vulture
  3. 3. Concussion
  4. 4. You Should Light
  5. 5. Breathe It in Now
  6. 6. Scavenger Clap
  7. 7. SHOCKRA!