I Am Spoonbender


(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Aug 31, 1996

After listening to their debut cd Sender/Receiver (kind of Cub-meets-Pansy Division-meets-Thought Industry- meets-Dead Voices on Air), I hasten to decline any single category for this remarkable band. This is a cd that defies the term 'experimental' by combining some traditional indie rock style music with disassociative bits of noise (perhaps this is the work of guest-contributor Mark Spybey of Dead Voices On Air fame). In fact, if you can imagine such a combination of wonderful artists all working together, you might have a good idea of what to expect from Sender/Receiver. To even attempt to meld together the musical stylings of Pansy Division, Thought Industr y, Cub and Zoviet France is a hell of a risk, and to my serious amazement I think I Am Spoonbender pulls it off with a marvelous flair.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Reality Dealer
  2. 2. Hair Is Real
  3. 3. Ears Are Merely Human
  4. 4. Replaced by Toys
  5. 5. Stopwatch Static
  6. 6. Slow Metal Fires
  7. 7. What Does the Water Think?
  8. 8. The Teeth's Loan and Trust Co.
  9. 9. Spirit Photography
  10. 10. Waking Dream Seance
  11. 11. She Keeps Her Secret
  12. 12. Mr. Knife, Miss Fork

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