Scenes of Life / Electricity

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Mar 27, 2012

Expanding the expression of his broad-footed sound, Low End Theory alumnus ELOS shows a more complex, experimental side in his first full-length release Scenes of Life / Electricity.

Capturing an array of chaotic movement and graveling doom, Scenes of Life / Electricity is a perfect clutter of head-knockers and neck-breakers. Every track unrolls like a short film, a digital fishing pond left gently unsettled with each shuffled click. A charmed snake slithers between the undulating beats of "Werdz," while the steady hip hop of "Bloodstain Burial (feat. Zackey Force Funk)" takes a dark turn towards the funk. ELOS catches a case of the swirls with "Door" and dabbles in the deep end during "Chao."

With heavy basslines lurking underneath haunting melodies and playfully animated beats, Scenes of Life / Electricity creates a thick and heady haze with just enough space to breathe.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Hermitmode
  2. 2. Door
  3. 3. Werdz
  4. 4. Bloodstain Burial
  5. 5. Techsmechs
  6. 6. Vom
  7. 7. Feefa
  8. 8. Greenscreen
  9. 9. Sorry
  10. 10. Jawntourage
  11. 11. Chao
  12. 12. GT2
  13. 13. Ties
  14. 14. Beam Cannon
  15. 15. Fireblast