(False Idol Musik)

Release date: Oct 25, 2011

Sanctuary is the debut full-length album from MiM0SA, a West Coast phenomenon whose stimulating style of bass music has fueled a fast growing fanbase and made the producer a festival favorite.

Sanctuary finds MiM0SA immersed in rhythm, fusing layers of various styles and textures that embrace dubstep, hip hop, 2-step, moombahton, dub and downtempo. "Castles in the Sky" opts for the classic sounds of straight dub reggae versus the dubstep-infused subwoofer odysseys heard on "Tiger Blood." MiM0SA extends his flavor for hip hop by sampling and filtering vocals that rush with ambient interludes coupled with pulsating tempos and heavy 808s on songs such as "Starseed" and "Way Back to You".

Dirty and diverse, Sanctuary makes evident that MiM0SA's versatility as an artist goes hand in hand with his refusal to be tied down by any particular sound or style.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Sanctuary
  2. 2. Night Terrors
  3. 3. Ice Box
  4. 4. Way Back to You
  5. 5. Fluorescence
  6. 6. Starseed
  7. 7. Tiger Blood
  8. 8. Dirty Money
  9. 9. Last Night in Town
  10. 10. Jewel St
  11. 11. Castle in the Sky
  12. 12. Rose Water