Sagrada Remixes

(Non Projects)

Release date: Dec 2, 2014

Sagrada Remixes is a collection of five commissioned remixes and edits and a companion to Sagrada, the recently released sophomore LP by Anenon. Underground cult legend James Pants brings a tripped out tribal stomp meets Lynchian vibe to his "Shibaura" remix while enigmatic Japanese producer Bun takes a microscope to "Lithograph," honing in on the finest granules of vinyl cracks with an ambient leaning rework. D Tiberio turns "Aurora" into essential night bus listening. Afterhours and Gossamer contribute uptempo edits of "The Color White" and "Sagrada" respectively, each bringing extra thump and dance floor utility to the already heady and heavy mixes. 

Track Listing

  1. 1. Aurora
  2. 2. The Color White
  3. 3. Lithograph
  4. 4. Sagrada
  5. 5. Shibaura